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What is a town crier?

Historically Town Criers were people employed by both government and private citizens to make announcements, give the news, and read proclamations.   Town Criers used a bell or some other type of noisemaker to get people’s attention.

As a modern day Town Crier, Nathaniel is an interactive and at times mobile speaker who provides live, face-to-face communication with an audience.  This communication comes in the form of both prepared and Impromptu messages (called cries).

A relic of an era long since changed by time and technology, Nathaniel, too stubborn to become extinct by the fast paced, digitalized, virtual world preserves and pursues town crying traditions of the past.  While performing, Nathaniel adheres to technology free communication by speaking in person, using printed paper, relying on his voice (usually unamplified)  to communicate, and delivering messages by on foot.  Dressed in historical attire of the revolutionary era, Nathaniel wears a collared frock coat, silk weskit, and fly front breeches (Nathaniel personally dislikes the feel and look of fall front breeches), and buckle shoes.  Nathaniel completes his out by carrying some accessories of the era including  a tin document case, brass porta crayon, cotton cloth haversack, brass spyglass, and pocket watch.  Although gregarious, eccentric, and charismatic, Nathaniel follows strict etiquette that Town Criers must follow.

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